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October 12, 2007

NFL Scorecard - Week 6 Predictions

Naturally, the week after I say I haven't been under .500 for any week this season, I come in under the even mark. I should have known better than to jinx myself like that. I'm going to chalk that up to a tough week, even though I have no basis for that assumption.

This week, however, I think is a difficult week before even picking the games. With only 13 games, it should be easier, but when figuring out my confidence pool picks, I wanted to put down one 13 and twelve 1s. Not exactly high confidence there.

Regardless, I'm still interested in how well I do at this, even if nobody else is. So here are the selections for Week 6. Again, spreads can be found here.

Cincinnati (-3) at Kansas City - This is a critical game for the Bengals, as another loss would increase already high tensions for a team with playoff expectations. They go up against the Chiefs, who I actually semi-praised last week, and then watched them run for a total of 10 yards and not score until the final moments of the 4th quarter. I'm going with desperate over bad.

Houston (+6.5) at Jacksonville - Everybody is starting to hop back on the Jaguars bandwagon, so this is when I go the other way. The Texans owned the Jaguars last year and sticking with my intra-divisional theory, it's the underdog with a lot of points.

Cleveland (-4.5) vs Miami - Cleo Lemon? On the road? Really? They may not be lighting it up, but the Browns should be able to take care of the Dolphins this week at home. I'm not necessarily comfortable going with the Browns and giving points, but do I have to repeat it? Cleo Lemon. On the Road.

Minnesota (+5) at Chicago - The Bears finally broke through against the Packers last week, but to all of a sudden claim the problems are solved? That's a little much. I'm going to wait and see if they can do it again before I start giving 5 points. I expect a healthy dose of Adrian Peterson to keep this one close.

Philadelphia (-3) at New York Jets - Neither team has been impressive thus far, but I'm going with the Eagles for one reason... Brian Westbrook. When he plays, it's a completely different Eagles team. Unfortunately for the Jets, they don't have a player like that, as Thomas Jones has proven on my fantasy team all season...

St. Louis (+9.5) vs Baltimore - Let me get this straight... A team that scored 9 points against the struggling 49ers is now favored by 9.5? I've picked against the Ravens every week this season and I've been proven correct every time. Let's stick with that plan.

Tennessee (+3) at Tampa Bay - I don't understand why, but I'm just buying whatever the Titans are selling. And 3-1 record in the AFC South seems a lot more legit than a 3-2 record in the NFC South. The Bucs need to solve their running back issues before I pick them to win.

Green Bay (-3) vs Washington - There's no reason the Packers shouldn't be undefeated after they dominated the Bears in the first half last week. Washington, coming of a bye, should be well rested, but Jason Campbell heading to Lambeau, I'm thinking the Packers straighten out their second half woes and handle the Redskins.

Arizona (-4.5) vs Carolina - The Cardinals have yet to lose against the spread (although there have been two ties) and now that their quarterback issues have resolved themselves with Matt Leinart's injury, they should dominate the Panthers and whoever ends up setting up behind center.

New England (-5) at Dallas - As mentioned last week, it's the Patriots until proven otherwise...

Oakland (+10) at San Diego - Here's another game where the spread is based on last week alone. Does anybody realize that the Raiders are leading the division? I think the Chargers will win, as shown in my survivor pool selection, but another divisional game, another underdog with the points.

Seattle (-6.5) vs New Orleans - I've been burned by the Saints in all four of their games this season. For that reason alone, this will probably be the week they get it together, especially against a team that I still don't get warm fuzzies about. But I'll take that chance. They have to show me something first.

New York Giants (-3.5) at Atlanta - It's true, Atlanta hasn't been awful. But the Giants have proven to be somewhat good... Uh, take that, Tiki! On MNF, I'm going with the Giants to roll, with Harrington and/or Leftwich proving why they've been cut.

Last Week: 5-8-1
Overall: 37-33-6

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